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"Hey, you've reached Green Oak. If this is League business, leave a message. If not, I've got caller ID. What are you, 70? Whatever.


[Feel free to leave Green a voice message or a text message here, with date and time.]
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[Lately, Green had to admit that he had been feeling somewhat... neutered. It had been a while since he had visited Viridian, so his ego hadn't been stroked in far too long. With the reappearance of Red, and the departure of his grandfather, the feeling of restlessness had only grown and grown. So.]

[Every. Classroom. Gets. A. Fire alarm. At some point in the middle of the day, the alarm siren started sounding at eardrum breaking levels. To add insult to injury, the sprinkler systems exploded with water. Strangely enough, the classrooms containing both Charizard Sasha and Riwane didn't activate the sprinklers. Even stranger, it happened at the perfect time where none of the Pokemon under supervision of one Green Oak were in class. Take this as you will.]
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So, looks like King Loser Red took off. Probably gonna go on some ground shaking hero journey. Whatever. Who's got a Gym in Viridian and doesn't give a shit. This one.
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Happy graduation everyone, yadda yadda yadda. Who cares.

Point is, now that this year is done with, I'm taking a little vacation to Unova.

Of course, my team is coming with me. You guys down? You deserve a break more than any one.
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Really, the people of this school never fail to amaze me. Can anybody please explain why some lucky inhabitants were thrown through space and time, only to come out on the other end all screwed up?

I have a hell of an interdimensional hangover. Nobody talk to me.

private to nyx and char )

private to marie )

private to vinnie )

[... And none for Gretchen Weiners Bulba. :'|]

deleted personal journal left from AU week that Green found when he woke up as himself again. )
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[There is a knock on Squirt's door.]


Mar. 4th, 2011 09:50 am
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Good morning, every one! This is Green, one of your RA's. Just want to remind everyone going into the weekend to stay safe. I know some of you guys really like to party. Just be careful, okay? Also a reminder that if anyone needs anything, I'll be right here, as always. I know I'm not much help, but it is my job...

A-also! Squirt! Spear! What do you guys want for lunch today?

private to kerosene )
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You guys are all total losers for falling for this Valentine's shlock.

On one hand, loads of lonely chicks. On the other hand, annoying as hell everywhere you look.

I don't subscribe to it.

[But he did get chocolate variations for everyone on his team]
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Damn it all, I've been way too nice, lately.

Not like it really matters, but... I've got a lot of extra medicinal junk, if you end up needing it.

If you do need it, and they ask where it's from, just say my Gramps shipped it to you.
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Sasha, I'm going to kill you for dropping this vile shit all over the campus. I've been tossing out smut about me and him like, all day.

A lovely side note is that I had a similar story about me and a very specific Venusaur emailed to me under a random account. I know that's somebody here who wrote it, so you must be reading this. Fuck you. It's like you don't know a joke when you see it. I bet it was you Lyra goddamn you brat
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This campus stinks. Like someone dumped garbage on the front lawn. I wonder if FDC is having sewage issues, or maybe it's something else.

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e-mail to green team members in kanto )
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Misty, you have got to be joking me.

You have really, truly got to be joking me.


Sep. 30th, 2010 11:41 pm
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As my Pokemon visited me in Sinnoh and regaled me with all the tales of this school that I had missed out on, I felt something pulling on my heartstrings. A feeling I couldn't shake, not even when I went to bed that night.

That feeling was indigestion from all of the birthday cake. But then I started thinking it was about time for me to make my presence re-known, here.

If we haven't met, My name is Green Oak, grandson of the Kanto Pokemon professor, and Gym Leader of Viridian City. If we have, I know you missed me more than words can describe.

I'm a new RA/TA. My job obligates me to tell you that you can come to me with your problems. But lets keep it within reason, okay? I'll let you know when you're stepping over the line, don't worry.

That's all I got. Smell you all later~


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